whisper = psithyrizo, psithyros (Greek)

The purpose of this site

This is the website of the Whisper software project, which is a (mostly one-person) project developing a lightweight VST-based sequencing application for virtual studio use.

An initial version of the site was setup near the beginning of the year 2009, while the application development itself had been started earlier in 2008. The first "non-beta" release was done in late 2011.

Whisper is a spare-time project that stems from personal needs, and from interest towards music-making and software development in general.

The application can most probably can never be called ready (there will always be lots of things to improve), but the idea is to improve both the software and the site slowly by time (in our own pace), when/if there's a possibility for that. No promises about any future releases can be made, but hopefully time and other resources will allow us to keep the development running.

- Lauri (Larry) Movall


The name "Whisper" can be seen as a tribute to dutch musician Ed Starink, as it originally came from one of his synthesizer pieces called "On Wings of Whisper" (which can be found on his early album called "Inner Spirits" - the only synthesizer album i really had been listening to when I first started making music of my own).

You can kind of say that any music produced using Whisper Virtual Studio arrives "on wings of Whisper", which was my carrying idea when selecting the name. As I also liked quiet things and whispers and listened to music on quite low volume levels in contrast to how many other people seemed to like theirs, the name just felt right to me. I saw it as somewhat rebellious in a way, and quite fitting in general.

The Whisper logo, on the other hand, comes from the Greek word for whisper, and the initial letter and the beginning of that word ("psi"), while the blue color just felt right.