whisper = psithyrizo, psithyros (Greek)

Some interesting links to recommend (not necessarily up to date)

Steinberg Media Technologies GmbHThe creators of the ASIO and VST technologies.
Vorbis.comSource for OGG/Vorbis support etc.
ASIO4AllWrapper-type ASIO drivers for sound hardware that doesn't natively support ASIO.
jBridgeA VST bridge for running both 32- and 64-bit plugins in the same VST hosts, each instance in a different process.
www.buzzmachines.comThe place where you can get Jeskola Buzz.
Native InstrumentsThe creators of Reaktor, Battery and many other music applications.
Applied AcousticsThe creators of String Studio VS-x, Tassman, and many other modeled instruments.
ArturiaThe creators of many virtual analog synthesizers.
ModarttThe creators of virtual modeled piano software.
PowerFXThe creators of Sweet Ann, the virtual vocalist.
VocaloidThe vocal synthesis technology behind Sweet Ann.
KVR AudioAn audio plugin information resource, with a comprehensive and searchable database of existing plugins.
soundontime.comA music production and electronic music blog with an article on the best free VST plugins
SynthEditA shareware tool for creating VST synthesizer and effect plugins.
(note that Synthedit plugins don't seem to be very thread-safe, and are not necessarily working well with Whisper)
Simple-Media VSTiA site with some interesting freeware/shareware instruments.
StarinkWorldThe official, but completely unsponsored fan page of Ed Starink.
SheobimusicA site for my own music - the music Whisper was originally created for. -Lauri M.