whisper = psithyrizo, psithyros (Greek)

A timeline of releases and other updates

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New release

This release replaces the audio library with PortAudio and moves on to use low latency exclusive mode WASAPI (supported directly by Windows itself) audio in addition to ASIO (which needs additional drivers). It also adds some safeguarding against badly behaving plugin outputs.


1.10 (r6)

New release

This release only brings new functionality: the ability to increase or decrease a score's pattern row resolution, by automatically adding or removing rows and adjusting the corresponding time values on score level and in all patterns at once.


1.10 (r5)

New release

This is a slightly modified release of Whisper 1.10 improving the quality of the mastered output files.

This time all the changes (apart from updated copyright dates etc.) are on the mastering side. WAV file output format has been changed from 16-bit PCM to much higher resolution 32-bit IEEE floating point and the starting and ending positions of the "Master Now" audio recordings have been adjusted for better compatibility of the output files with external audio editors and DAW software.


Website update

The audio examples were all moved to Bandcamp.


Website update

Some fairly minor updates to the website content, mainly a new initial intruduction text.


1.10 (r4)

New exp. release

This is a bugfix release of Whisper 1.10.

Basically the only real changes here in addition to updating versioning and copyright notices have been done on the linking/compilation side, as too aggressive optimization was causing annoying crashes when adding existing patterns into the score schedule.


1.10 (r3)

New exp. release

This is a major new release of Whisper 1.10.

Most importantly, the visibility issues on certain UI components introduced with the new "more modern look" in 1.10 (r2) have been fixed, and the memory usage overhead of the changes introduced in 1.10 has been significantly reduced (which basically yet again makes it possible to actually use the 32-bit builds as well, in addition to the 64-bit ones).

Additionally, the indicator bar is now dockable both at the top and at the bottom of the application window, the randomization functionality has optional support for Gaussian distribution (enabled by default), some cosmetic changes have been done (like addition of new menu bitmaps), and some new performance optimizations have been applied.


1.10 (r2)

New exp. release

This is a minor bugfix / cosmetic improvements release of Whisper 1.10. The application has received a somewhat more modern look with Win7-style UI components, and some earlier visual issues have been resolved.


1.10 (r1)

New exp. release

This is a bugfix release of Whisper 1.10. The project has been cleaned somewhat, certain bugs are fixed, and most importantly, both the 64- and 32-bit versions are now working.


Whisper 1.10

Whisper meets Python!

An experimental (and still subject to quite a lot of changes and bugfixing) first ever release of Whisper 1.10 has been added in the download section.

In this context, "experimental" means that the new functionality introduced on top of version 1.06 might still undergo even quite radical changes in the future, and even the module format might become incompatible at some point (the goal so far is still to retain backwards compatibility with 1.06 and below releases of Whisper).

This version introduces a completely new concept (for Whisper) of applying user-defined modifier scripts in patterns, and it contains an embedded Python 3.5.1 interpreter + module library for scripting purposes. Scripting access is currently very limited (restricted to notes, melodies, modes and chords at this stage).


New demo track


A new Whisper 1.06.3-based demo track called "Organophobia" was added in the demo section.


Whisper 1.06.3

Bugfix release

Whisper version 1.06.3 has been released. This is a bugfix release built specifically for Windows 10 (while it should be usable on earlier versions as well).

There are no real functional changes, but a crash related to importing MIDI files and the inability of a DirectSound output device to activate itself after MIDI file or tracker module import have been fixed.


Whisper 1.06.2

Bugfix release

Whisper version 1.06.2 has been released. This is a bugfix release built specifically for Windows 10 (while it should be usable on earlier versions as well).

There are no real functional changes, but a crash related to selecting a new output device has been fixed, and some improvements have been done to the output device selection dialog.


Website update

Tweet buttons added

Tweet and Twitter follow buttons have been added on the webpages.

Feel free to use these if you want to follow Whisper on Twitter, or to share information about the Whisper application and website.


Whisper 1.06.1

Bugfix release

Whisper version 1.06.1 has been released. This is a bugfix release built specifically for Windows 10.

There are no functional changes, but using the previous release (1.06.0) on Windows 10 revealed a severe memory handling issue in GUI code of version 1.06.0 that had not manifested itself on earlier Windows builds. This issue has now been fixed, and the operation around the affected parts of code has also been optimized for somewhat better performance.

Some changes have also been done to documentation what comes to representation and contents of the EULA and license notices for third-party components.


Whisper 1.06.0

Built for Win10

Whisper version 1.06.0 has been released. This is the first release of Whisper built specifically for Windows 10.

Some of the more resilient issues have been fixed in this release, including some memory leaks related to audio output interfaces introduced in 1.05.0.

Functionality-wise the application is pretty much unchanged from 1.05.3, but there have been some fairly cosmetic changes to the toolbar layout and visuals. These changes are intended to make the user experience somewhat more "modern" and harmonious. On the other hand, Whisper has always been fairly minimal in user interface point of view, which already makes it quite a good match for the new Windows looks. Further modernisation of both the looks and the actual UI functionality + UX is still to be done for future releases.

Because of the changes introduced to OS platform and runtime support in version 1.06.0, the previous release (1.05.3) will still be available as a "legacy option" on the download page for the time being.


Whisper 1.05.3

Whisper version 1.05.3 has been released, containing mostly cosmetic changes compared to the previous release version (1.05.2).

The Whisper website has also been updated somewhat, and the checksums provided for downloads have been changed from MD5 to SHA-1 for some added reliability.


Whisper 1.05.2

Whisper version 1.05.2 has been released.

Yet another release containing mostly cosmetic changes compared to the previous one (1.05.1).


Whisper 1.05.1

Whisper version 1.05.1 has been released.

This release contains mostly cosmetic changes compared to 1.05.0, and some already known issues are planned to be fixed in a later version instead.


Whisper 1.05.0

DirectSound support

Whisper version 1.05.0 has been released.

This release is the first one to support DirectSound audio output in addition to ASIO, and thus the first one not requiring an ASIO driver to be installed on the system. Additionally, experimental support for inputting notes using voice cues has been added.


Whisper 1.04.3

Whisper version 1.04.3 has been released.

This release further improves the usability of 32bit and 64bit variants of Whisper alongside each other on the same machine, and makes it easier to reselect VST plugins when loading files stored in a different environment or using a different bit variant of the application.


Whisper 1.04.2

Whisper version 1.04.2 has been released.

This release makes it easier to install and use the 32bit and 64bit variants of Whisper alongside each other on the same machine.


Whisper 1.04.1

64bit support

Whisper version 1.04.1 has been released.

The most important change is that the application is now available in both 32bit and 64bit variants.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

We need to mention that Whisper development is not currently very active because of personal reasons (lack of time). That said, we're still interested in actively working on the project when we find the possibility, and hopefully we'll still also be getting more interested people using the tool as well.


Whisper 1.03.1

This release brings some very important bugfixes. The software now also supports changing ASIO settings in the ASIO Control Panel during operation.


Whisper 1.03.0

This release brings the ability to add aliases for previously fixed function keys (useful for instance on laptop computers). It also contains some new bugfixes and memory usage optimizations.


Whisper 1.02.1

This release contains some very useful new functionality, mostly related to note timings.

It also brings some changes related to memory allocation that help prevent heap corruption issues seen with certain VST plugins.


Whisper 1.00

Whisper version 1.00 has finally been released after a very long "beta" period.

Unfortunately the amount of external testers we've had for the software has been virtually nonexistent most of the time, which is an important reason for that the software to be anywhere close to "commercial quality". Nevertheless, this a very important milestone for Whisper, as the software can now clearly be seen as fully functional and complete. Of course the application will never be ready, but this is still a time for celebration! The next versions will be bugfix releases based on feedback from the users, probably starting from version number 1.01.

Download rights can be requested by using the email address given in the "Contact" section.


Whisper 1.00b99

Last beta release

There is a new private beta release of Whisper available (version 1.00b99).

This is a bugfix/stabilization release which improves the quality of the application, and is the recommended release of Whisper to use from now on. It is also intended to be the last beta release of Whisper, after which the next one should have fairly "finalized" documentation included, and be simply called Whisper v1.00.