This is an overview of the albums and EPs released by Sheobi.

The full discography containing all singles (and the ability to purchase music) can be found at https://sheobi.bandcamp.com (Bandcamp site) where you can also stream most of the tracks from all included releases for free. The embedded players listed on this page are also provided by Bandcamp. To find the releases in other online music services, check the social media buttons at the bottom of the page.

Beauté Étrange (2019)

A full length album themed around the season of autumn and the concepts of “strange beauty” and “beauty in the strange” – which translate both to “Beauté Étrange” in French and “Vicitra Saundarya” in Marathi (which the title is written in using Devanagari script on the album cover).

Contains both significantly altered and slightly adjusted versions of already released songs. All included tracks have been thoroughly remastered for the album.

The album also contains two completely new pieces called “L’Infection Virale” (Viral Infection) and “Rêve Les Raisons” (“Dream the Reasons”).

This album will be released on November 29th, 2019. You can already pre-order it in Bandcamp or pre-save it in your Spotify library, and the title track is already available for listening.

Arcturus 2.0 (2019)

A new, updated version of the Arcturus EP originally released in 2017, with one added track (“Dreaming in Space”), altered versions of both the title track and “A Moment of Peace”, plus a re-recorded opening track “13” (here called “Thirteen”).

Event Horizon (2019)

A 14-track album consisting of both new tracks and some older curiosities which finally found their home here. “Mirage” is a new version of a classic track first released on the much older “Mirages” album.

Airframe (2019)

The remastered version of a classic EP from 2001, first released under the XP-1 moniker. While originally unintentionally so, this record has since its release become symbolic of climate change. Check it yourself!

Broken Colours (2019)

A 10-track album consisting of both old and new tracks (the parts included have been created between 1995 and 2019). Not a finished album, but more like work in progress (targeted to be somewhat improved during 2019).

Project 7e2 (2018)

A full 13-track compilation album for the year 2018, also containing a new track called “Sparks” not available elsewhere. The first album-level fruits of Sheobi’s renaissance since late 2017.

Whisper Moods, Volume 01 (2017)

This is a short album comprised primarily of such tracks that have been used as some kind of demos on the Whisper Virtual Studio website between the years 2008 and 2016. More information available in Bandcamp.

Arcturus (2017)

This EP containing sort of a sci-fi story told using tracks that were created using Whisper Virtual Studio between 2010 and 2017 was the first compiled release of a new era. An updated version called Arcturus 2.0 was released later (in 2019 – can be found elsewhere on this page).

Summer’s End (2008)

The work on this full-length album was already started in 2005, but the entire album can basically still be considered a draft, even after its more widespread release in 2017. It is also possible that it will never be finished.

That said, the album has in fact been released in its current, unfinished format in several different online channels, and is thus available for listening (and even purchasing for download).

Older music (from the 1990’s)

Some older, personally important, but in certain ways more limited albums are also available at Bandcamp:

Sheobi in different online services: